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EPAA - Career Management Masterclass (February 2018)

Part of the remit at EPAA, is to ensure the long term employability of our members and EA/PA professionals more widely across the UK.  They do this by undertaking our journey of professionalising the UK profession and ensuring UK business and employers need to met, via the support services our members offer.

There are many aspects to this journey, which include equipping members with the latest updates, knowledge and resources to remain credible and in front.

In recent years, the EA/PA career landscape has changed for many already and this will be an ongoing trend.  It could be your are newly in post, facing redundancy or looking to take the next step in your EA/PA career.  You could be asking yourself where you sit within the profession vs other professionals and unsure of the next steps to take.  Career stagnation can happen to many and can be easily overcome with support and fresh ideas.

This high level masterclass went through every facet of what it means now and in the future to manage your career as an EA/PA professional.  It is designed to leave attendees armed full of resources, provide best practice guidelines and relevant advice define and manage your career plan.  I was honoured to attend this event.

Learning outcomes:

  • Understanding of where I sat in the current overall market as an EA/PA professional

  • Skills mapping which is aimed to assist me with putting together a relevant career plan

  • Utilising performance reviews to greater effect

  • Redefining my role description

  • High level influencing and leadership skills

  • Greater confidence

This was a one day event, the morning session were run by Debs Eden, EA to CEO of IMDb and Adam Fidler of the Adam Fidler Academy.  The main keynote speaker was Bianca Miller from The Apprentice.

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